Thatch is a B2B collaboration platform
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Using the Thatch B2B Wholesaling Platform, brands and retailers work more closely together than ever before: brands and retailers collaborate simply, seamlessly, and beautifully.


Brands can use traditional terms and purchase orders, or they can allocate inventory using VMI


Customer data is shared all the way back to the brand


Retailers can use their existing POS and start immediately, or use Thatch POS for the best possible integration

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Thatch Sales + Ordering

Everything for brands and retailers to collaborate.

Corral your brand+retailer communications — purchase orders, VMI allocations, shipping notifications, chats, emails, documents — in one place and one interface. Work more efficiently, preserve your sanity, and reduce disputes.

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Thatch Data + Inventory

Brands receive data through the whole sales process.

In traditional retail sales, brands lose sight once the product gets into the retailer. With Thatch, brands can track inventory all the way through the process from warehouse to end customer.

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Hear what our users have to say about Thatch

Thatch has opened doors for us to dramatically expand the number of retail partners. And we know that there's a lot more to come. We're excited to grow with Thatch.
Olivia F.
CEO - Apple INC
In general, Thatch proves to be an excellent company offering a range of fantastic features tailored to my small business. I utilize multiple features, all of which are user-friendly and highly functional.
David M.
CEO - Apple INC
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Thatch is remarkable and demonstrates genuine concern for your business. They manage to treat you like family, going beyond mere financial transactions. They're focused on your business's success, and the addition of their loan services reflects their dedication to fostering your growth.
Emma L.
CEO - Apple INC
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I exclusively utilize Thatch for credit card transactions, as the other services they offer extend beyond the limited scope of my business. Their system is flawlessly integrated and incredibly user-friendly.
Alex R.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vendor Managed Inventory?

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is a business model where the supplier takes responsibility for managing and replenishing inventory levels for their customer. In a traditional inventory model, the retailer is responsible for monitoring inventory levels and placing new orders as needed. VMI empowers brands and retailers alike.

What Credit Card Processor Does Thatch Use?

Thatch POS is integrated with Stripe. Stripe is easy to set up, easy to work with and have great processing speeds and uptimes. Thatch VMI works with any POS and any credit card processor.

Are There Minimum Orders Or Amounts I Need To Make?

No, Thatch leverages aggregate sales data to help brands allocate the correct amount of product to retailers. We make it simple for both brands and retailers to succeed and grow.

What are the benefits of VMI?

The benefits of VMI include improved inventory management, reduced inventory holding costs, improved supply chain efficiency, and increased customer satisfaction. VMI can help to reduce stockouts and improve on-time delivery rates, which can lead to increased sales and profitability.

What is EasySplittm?

EasySplit is Thatch’s innovative mechanism for processing  payments to both the Brand and the Retailer instantly. Once an item is sold, EasySplit pays the brand and pays the retailer, automatically and seamlessly. It is a key part of the magic that makes it possible for retailers to not pay for inventory until it's sold.

How Can I Connect With New Brands or Retailers To Sell New Products?

Use the Thatch B2B Marketplace. Here you can find and connect with Brands and Retailers all in one place, communicate with existing partners, find new ones, and grow your business in one easy place.

How Does Using VMI Reduce Costs?

VMI can help to reduce inventory holding costs retailers by ensuring that inventory levels are optimized and that excess inventory is minimized. This can result in lower storage costs and reduced capital tied up in inventory. Efficiency is the name of the game, and Thatch VMI disrupts the traditional model with one that's better for both vendors and retailers alike.

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