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Thatch is a B2B collaboration platform
designed specifically for specialty brands and retailers.

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Thatch can help your brand be found by more customers—and improve your relationship with your existing network

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Using the Thatch B2B Wholesaling Platform, brands and retailers work more closely together than ever before: brands and retailers collaborate simply, seamlessly, and beautifully.


Brands can use traditional terms and purchase orders, or they can allocate inventory using pay-on-scan


Thatch helps brands and retailers make smarter decisions by giving them unparalleled access to sales data


Brands and retailers can communicate more quickly, seamlessly integated with their online orders

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Thatch Sales + Ordering

Everything for brands and retailers to collaborate.

Corral your brand+retailer communications — purchase orders, pay-on-scan allocations, shipping notifications, chats, emails, documents — in one place and one interface. Work more efficiently, preserve your sanity, and avoid disputes.

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Thatch Data + Inventory

Brands receive data through the whole sales process.

In traditional retail sales, brands lose sight once the product gets into the retailer. With Thatch, brands can track inventory all the way through the process from warehouse to end customer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will you launch?

We are currently signing up beta users, who will start accepting orders in April 2024. We expect our beta program to last for a few months, and enter general availability in 3Q24.

If you're interested in participating as a beta user, please contact us!

What Credit Card Processor Does Thatch Use?

Thatch is integrated with Stripe. Stripe is easy to set up, easy to work with and have great processing speeds and uptimes. We are planning on supporting a variety of processors in the future.

Will Thatch integrate with my ERP, inventory, fulfillment, or POS system?

Yes! But maybe not quite yet. Out of the box, we're shipping integration with Shopify, and we have plans for many others. Please let us know what your priorities are, and we'll bump it up the list.

What are the benefits of pay-on-scan?

Pay-on-scan is just one of the innovative moves that Thatch is making to improve the collaboration between vendors and dealers. The benefits of pay-on-scan include improved inventory management, reduced inventory holding costs, improved supply chain efficiency, and increased customer satisfaction. Pay-on-scan can help to reduce retailer stockouts and improve on-time delivery rates, which can lead to increased sales and profitability.

Will Thatch work for my brand?

In our current iteration, Thatch is focused on meeting the needs of small to medium sized brands. As it stands, it will be a great fit for mom-and-pop brands up through brands doing tens of millions per quarter in wholesale business.

While there is no technical limitation that would prohibit larger brands from using Thatch, it is not optimized for their needs. Future versions of Thatch will include capability to help larger brands enjoy all the benefits of our system.

How Can I Connect With New Brands or Retailers To Sell New Products?

Use the Thatch B2B Marketplace (COMING SOON). Here you will find and connect with Brands and Retailers all in one place, communicate with existing partners, find new ones, and grow your business in one easy place.

How Does Thatch Reduce Costs?

Thatch for Brands reduces friction and errors. Buyers can place orders 24/7 and the orders don't require someone at the brand to enter things by hand into different systems. Being cloud-based means that dealers can check the status of orders by themselves, without tying up vendor resources to deal with issues like these.

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